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Hychem - Services



Hychem provides comprehensive sales and services to ensure that clients obtain the maximum benefit from products, both in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness.


Regular service reports are completed by Hychem staff to indicate problem areas and advise on solutions to ensure optimal results and the most cost-effective product utilisation. In addition, on-the-job training is offered in correct warewashing procedures relating to racking, bussing etc. Similarly, audio visual aids are available pertaining to personal hygiene, food handling and safe use of appliances in the kitchen environment.


Kitchen Hygiene Training

  • Bacteria Control 
  • Food Handling Procedures 
  • Kitchen Equipment - Safe Handling Procedures
  • Personal Hygiene 

Class Act


The PATH To Correct Hand Washing



The PATH To Colour Coded Chopping Boards



Salad Wash



Hychem undertakes staff training in the use of its product and accessories. This training is supported by audio visual aids, available in various languages:-

On-the-job training is conducted with warewashing staff relating to racking, bussing, stacking and correct use and maintenance of the warewashing machines. On successful completion of training and a written test, staff are issued with Hychem Certificates of Merit.

Hygiene signs would be posted to remind staff to:-


Path to Kitchen Hygiene - Download



Hychem supplies a liquid and powder range of  laundry detergents.  Both ranges are of the best quality available in the market. Based on the client´s needs wants and conditions we are able to offer a solution which best meets the clients requirements.  In both instances Hychem offers dosing equipment "free and on loan"  to their clients. This dosing equipment is imported to ensure that international standards are being achieved and maintained. Hychem staff are qualified to install dosing equipment and to program the laundry machines to ensure that the machine settings and detergent mix yields the best possible result.

Hychem commits to routine laundry inspections in order to ensure that washing machines are fully operational, chemicals are correctly used and end-use costs are optimised.


Staff are trained in the correct: -

  • Classification of fabric
  • Presorting
  • Load sizes and loading
  • Handling
  • Drying and ironing
  • Storage and stock rotation of linen
  • General maintenance of the machinery 


Path to Good Laundry - Download


Literature is also placed throughout the laundry to remind and show the staff the correct procedures in handling and running the laundry efficiently.

Hychem also carries a range of spotting chemicals to ensure that even the toughest stains are removed.


Our Click-a-Mix Systems are currently operating efficiently in most of the major hotel groups, golf clubs and resorts in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Free State, Northern Province, Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga Province and their surrounds

In addition training is offered by our Training Officers who are fluent in the indigenous languages. We make use of audio visual aids relating to housekeeping etiquette, personal hygiene, bacteria awareness etc.

Regular visits to Housekeeping Departments ensure that products are correctly applied and correct accessories are in use.  Where required Hychem´s blending and dispensing systems are installed free-and-on-loan to ensure the controlled and economical use of chemical products.  Visits are backed by Housekeeping Service Reports.


Path to Good Housekeeping - Download



In addition to the regular services provided to clients, Hychems’s team are on-call for non-routine checks.


Cleaning staff are given practical, on-the-job training and education in the correct use of chemical and allied products. 

Hychem Certificates of Merit are awarded to all successful trainees on the completion of a test with an 85% minimum pass mark.


Certificate of Merit