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Hychem - Company Profile



Company Profile


Hychem was established in May 1989. The intention of the company was to establish itself as a competitor in the Hospitality, Healthcare and Food Service Industries in South Africa as well as neighbouring countries

Currently Hychem is recognised as one of the market leaders of chemicals, environmental solutions, accessories and associated services to the hospitality industry

Hychem has national coverage with regard to warehousing, administration and distribution. Contrachem has been appointed as a Distributor for Hychem in Swaziland and Cleanico in Botswana,

Hychem´s products are produced to stringent quality control measures at their factory situated at 11 and 13 Silverstone Crescent, Kyalami Business Park, Midrand.  A limited range of product is produced in both Durban and Cape Town


Registered Companies within the Group are

  • Hychem (Pty) Limited
  • Hychem Kwazulu Natal (Pty) Limited
  • Hychem Cape (Pty) Limited
  • Hychem Eastern Cape (Pty) Limited
  • Hychem Mpumalanga (Pty) Limited
  • Katerklenz (Pty) Limited

Hychem has achieved SABS ISO 9001 accreditation.


Hychem supplies a range of natural probiotic products which carry the EU label and has been appointed as an exclusive distributor in the Hospitality Sector  in South Africa by Chrisal for a non pathogenic cultured bacteria range of products for use in drain lines and grease traps for the eradication of grease, fats and oils and odour control in grease traps and waste compactor areas. A range of products encompassing all surface cleaning in the kitchen and housekeeping environments are also available.    These products are totally environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. A number of companies in South Africa have converted to these products in keeping with “Greening”, “Responsible Tourism” and assisting in the reduction of the world’s “Carbon Footprint”. These products will shortly be carrying the Heritage Eco Choice Label


To significantly increase Hychem"s in house developed product range, which will fully meet our clients needs at an economical end-use cost. To endeavour to make use of environmentally friendly raw materials in our products and to promote the probiotic range of Chrisal NV, Belgium, our strategic partners. 


To broaden our scope of work, so as to be market leaders in the production, sales, support and supply of specialised chemical products to various industries with the need for formulated chemical products, to assist in the operating requirements of their respective business activities.


In order to achieve our mission and vision, Hychem commits itself to:

Supplying quality products
Develop and market products friendly to the environment
Focus on the customer and being flexible to satisfy their requirements
Provide our employees with the necessary training to ensure their effective utilisation

Train our customers in the effective use of our products
Develop new markets for our products.

Since the quality of our products and service is of the utmost importance to us the Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001 will ensure that this quality is maintained and improved.
Certain objectives have been set to ensure the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, and these objectives are reviewed during the review meetings.
A wide range of quality products are manufactured to meet the exacting needs of kitchen, surface and textile hygiene, which are economical, safe and efficient for their specific purpose.
The products supplied are backed by providing a comprehensive sales and servicing function. The sales function focuses on establishing the specific requirements of the client and providing the products to meet the identified need in a quality and cost-effective manner.
The servicing of clients includes the provision of support services to our clients. These services are the recording of problem areas, advising on solutions to ensure cost-effective product utilisation and supplying on-the-job training to the client´s staff.
As part of our extended service we also supply a range of equipment and accessories for the control and application of our products.
The quality management system implemented focuses on the processes of manufacturing, sales, distribution and service