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Hychem has partnered with Chrisal NV and have a range of enviro-friendly, biodegradable products


Hychem has been appointed as an exclusive distributor in the Hospitality Sector in South Africa by Chrisal NV

The range of natural “Probiotics in Progress” products, called “PIP” for short have taken the environmentally friendly products to a new level in cleaning efficacy.. Four of these products carry the EU Ecolabel namely PIP Control, an odour neutraliser, PIP Result, a floor cleaner, PIP Unidose, for floor scrubbing machines and PIP Universal, an all purpose cleaner and degreaser. 

  Chrisal/Hychem Partnership

Chrisal have manufactured a range of products specific to Hychem encompassing all surface cleaning for Housekeeping and Kitchen environments. . These products will remove soap scum and soap residue, descale toilet bowls, clean floors, carpets and all surfaces and remove smoking odours. In Kitchens they clean and degrease all surfaces and floors. In Maintenance dispensed into drain lines and grease traps for the eradication of grease, fats and oils. Odour control in waste compactor areas. A product has also been developed to degrade organic waste in Septic Tanks such as faecal matter. These products are totally environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. 


Chrisal NV was founded in 1989. In the early days the main activity was distribution of finished cleaning products. The transformation to the production of semi products and their own finished products for industrial, professional and household applications started in 1994. 

Chrisal was aware of the necessity to distinguish itself from large competitors worldwide through innovation and top technology. Water based alkaline cleaners and degreasers with a high cleaning performance and at the same time a biologic, non-aggressive, non toxic action were developed in order to create a safe and environmentally friendly solution.  

Soon thereafter, Chrisal obtained an excellent reputation in the industrial world that new investments could be effectuated to increase the capacity of their production. Also investments regarding development and quality of the Chrisal products were a must. Their quality department, responsible for the support and optimization of the complete production and distribution process has grown to an essential liaison in the company.

Chrisal NV in 1999 attained their ISO9002 certificate (certified by CEBEC). This international norm treats quality systems, this way the quality of a certain product can be guaranteed. In July 2003 Chrisal NV received ISO9001:2000 norm and in October 2010 the ISO9001:2008 norm (both certified by SGS). 

In 2006 Chrisal was known by the greater audience through the introduction of its unique probiotic cleaning products, which reached the media often. This probiotic cleaning, PIP (Probiotics In Progress), is a true world revolution in durable cleaning and hygiene. It is THE solution for different problems due to the lengthy use of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants. Safety, environmentally friendly and performance are key words for the unique PIP products. 

After building a strong reputation in its own country, Chrisal started expanding internationally thanks to the success of the PIP products. Momentarily Chrisal is exporting to over 50 countries and production units are being established in the United States of America and South-Africa.  

Chrisal products are used by different industries: the nutritional industry, aluminium industry, airplane industry, army (air force, land forces), car industry, chemical neutralization of mercaptans, carwashes, catering industry, healthcare sector, agriculture, schools, sport facilities, office buildings and of course also the private consumer. 




High performance, safety, sustainability, green and clean! Those are the trademarks of our new innovative probiotic cleaning and personal care products.

PIP, Probiotics In Progress, is the newest product range developed by Chrisal and harbours a clinically proven technology. The combined action of green detergents, enzymes and probiotic bacteria result in

(1) a deep microscopic cleaning
(2) prevention and elimination of odours
(3) a safe microbial environment.
PIP - Green and Clean ! 



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